2022 Grants, Fellowships, Awards and Prizes Announcement

It was a pleasure to announce the funding awardees for 2022 at the Raine Annual Awards Ceremony, held over breakfast at UniClub on 1 December 2022. We welcomed our guest speakers, the Honourable Stephen Dawson MLC (Minister for Medical Research), and two of our award recipients, Clinical Associate Professor Kristina Rueter (Clinician Research Fellowships) and Dr Kai Chen (Raine Priming Grants).

Overall, the Raine Medical Research Foundation has distributed just over $3mill for research to commence in 2023. The Research Committee acknowledges the excellent work being conducted in Western Australia and extends best wishes to all applicants for the ongoing success of their research. Congratulations go to the successful recipients.

To view photos from the 2022 Annual Award Ceremony held on 1 December 2022, please click here.

Raine Priming Grants

We are pleased to announce that six Raine Priming Grants (from 51 eligible applications – 11.8% success rate) have been awarded to early-career scientists who are progressing toward an independent research career. The top applicant in the cohort was named the Raine Robson Fellow.

Dr Syed Zulqarnain Gilani: Raine Robson Fellow
Edith Cowan University
Project: Explainable AI Frameworks for Automatic Detection and Localisation of Abdominal Aortic Calcification

Dr Kai Chen
The University of Western Australia
Project: Defining the nutrient substrates for bone remodelling

Dr Henry Hui
The University of Western Australia
Project: Next-Generation Single Cell Diagnostics of Blood Cancers

Dr Peter Lau
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research
Project: Exploring Novel Macrophage Markers & Inhibitors of Migration in Melanoma to Enhance Immunotherapy

Dr Archita Mishra
Telethon Kids Institute
Project: Microbial-immune priming in early life: Implications in pre-term infections
$229,653 – Co-funded by the Raine Foundation and BrightSpark Foundation (child health research)

Dr Tao Wang
Telethon Kids Institute
Project: Developing effective RNA-based cancer immunotherapy
$229,943 – Co-funded by the Raine Foundation, Charter Hall, and the BrightSpark Foundation (child health research)

Clinician Research Fellowships

We are pleased to announce that four Clinician Research Fellowships have been awarded (from 15 eligible applications – 26.7% success rate) to clinicians who wish to develop their research capability while continuing some clinical duties. All recipients are co-funded by the Raine Foundation and the Future Health Research & Innovation Fund.

Dr Anita Campbell
Perth Children’s Hospital
Project: SNAP-PY: Staphylococcus aureus Network Adaptive Platform trial for Paediatrics and Youth

Clinical Associate Professor Kristina Rueter
Perth Children’s Hospital
Project: Promoting gut health with prebiotic fibre as a novel allergy prevention strategy

Dr Robert Schutze
Royal Perth Hospital
Project: Blended pain care: A novel hybrid service model for chronic pain and mental health support

Dr Lydia Warburton
Fiona Stanley Hospital
Project: Circulating Biomarkers of Response to Immune Checkpoint Blockade

Research Collaborations Awards

There were 14 eligible applications for the 2022 Research Collaboration Awards, of which five were successful (35.7% success rate).

Dr Kefyalew Alene
Curtin University
Collaborating Institution/s: Harvard Medical School, Harvard University
Project: Optimizing interventions to reduce the global burden of post-tuberculosis sequelae
$30,000 – Funded by the Healy Medical Research Foundation

Dr Qi Fang
Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and The University of Western Australia
Collaborating Institution/s: Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland
Project: Ultrahigh-resolution and rapid breast tumour margin assessment using full-field optical coherence elastography
$28,668 – Funded by the Healy Medical Research Foundation

Associate Professor Mark Boyes
Curtin University
Collaborating Institution/s: University College London, Macquarie University, Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation
Project: Language difficulties and child mental health: Priority-setting for development of a global research agenda
$20,075.00 – Funded by the Cockell Bequest (mental health research)

Dr Lisa Stinson
The University of Western Australia
Collaborating Institution/s: Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute
Project: Short chain fatty acids in human milk: Implications for infant health
$27,039 – Co-funded by the Raine Foundation, BrightSpark Foundation, and the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation (child health research)

Dr Amanuel Gebremedhin
Curtin University
Collaborating Institution: Norwegian Institute of Public Health
Project: Development of a New DNA Methylation-based Maternal Epigenetic Age Estimator as a Predictor for Perinatal Morbidity
$29,607 – Co-funded by the Raine Foundation, BrightSpark Foundation, and the Stan Perron Charitable Foundation (child health research)

Publication Prizes

There were nine eligible applications for the 2022 Publications Prizes, with three Prizes awarded (33.3% success rate).

Dr Gizachew Tessema: Raine Research Prize
Curtin University
Publication: The COVID-19 pandemic and healthcare systems in Africa: a scoping review of preparedness, impact and response
BMJ Global Health. 2021 Dec; 6(12).

Dr Kieran Mulroney: Strachan Memorial Prize
The University of Western Australia
Publication: Same-day confirmation of infection and antimicrobial susceptibility profiling using flow cytometry. The Lancet eBiomedicine. 2022 Aug; 82:104145.
$5,000 – Funded by the Strachan Bequest (clinical research)

Dr Mary Abraham: Raine BrightSpark Research Prize
Perth Children’s Hospital
Publication: Effect of a Hybrid Closed-Loop System on Glycemic and Psychosocial Outcomes in Children and Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Pediatrics. 2021 Dec 1;175(12):1227-1235.
$5,000 – Co-funded by the Raine Foundation and BrightSpark Foundation (child health research)

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