Visiting Professor Awards

The Raine Medical Research Foundation has long recognised the importance of collaborative research and the benefits of attracting leading scholars to Western Australia. As a result, it introduced the Raine Visiting Professor Award program in 1971 and has since contributed more than $1.5m to facilitate the visit of distinguished scientists of international standing to Western Australia.

These scholars bring many benefits including the cross-fertilisation of skills and ideas, new clinical procedures and information, as well as important reciprocal exchange programs. Visiting Professors also make a significant contribution to teaching and research programs.

It is an outstanding program that is now acknowledged by the local scientific community as a major resource that facilitates global networking and collaborative joint ventures.

Raine Visiting Professor Award nominees must hold a professorial appointment.

Nominations may include requests for funding for airfares and a daily allowance (inclusive of accommodation, transfers and meal costs).

The host institution is required to provide a cash contribution towards the Award.

The Guidelines and Conditions governing the Awards are subject to regular review by the Research Committee to ensure that they are relevant and clearly articulate the main principles for selection.

Visiting Professor Awards are open to all academic and medical research institutions in Western Australia, with specific eligibility criteria outlined in the Conditions.

Visiting Professor Awards Guidelines and Conditions

Nominations for Visiting Professor Awards are now closed. 

Important Information for Applicants

Visiting Professor Awards Program – Important Information

Certification Form

Please download the certification form and upload in the online nomination with all required signatures.

Visiting Professor Awards Certification Form

Application rounds for this program have been put on hold.