Research Supported by the Raine Foundation

Since 1957, the Raine Foundation has supported over 500 researchers in WA and distributed close to $50mill in research funding. Browse our featured research stories below, related to health and medical topics that have been supported by the Raine Foundation and our partnering organisations. This funding support has enabled researchers and clinicians to identify novel interventions, advance the development of diagnostic tools, collaborate with international experts, and much more – all with the aim of improving disease outcomes.

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Facial features as a potential biomarker to assist early identification and intervention of autism

Heart research has never been “cooler” – efforts to improve organ preservation procedures for better heart transplant outcomes

Seeking to predict and improve outcomes for WA kids with asthma

Developing health coding analyses in efforts to track and improve outcomes for patients with cardiovascular disease

Addressing the challenges of diagnostic genomics applications for short stature

Using genomic techniques to better understand infectious diseases

Understanding the physical and mental health outcomes of gender affirming intervention

Identification of a preventative treatment for the leading cause of sudden cardiac death in the young

Improving health outcomes of kidney transplant recipients

Improving survival rates and reducing disability in preterm infants

Increased stress precedes increased blood glucose levels in adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes

Novel methods to understand cholesterol balance

Developing new methods for the mechanical ventilation of babies with respiratory distress

Healthcare for people experiencing homelessness

A collaborative approach to the management of sport-related injuries

New treatments to improve cancer patient survival

Reducing the rate of myopia progression in school-aged children

Mental health issues affecting doctors working in intensive care units

How does maternal immunisation affect childhood health?

Preventing migration of blood clots after major injury

Identification of biomarkers associated with cancer spread

Improved imaging to help surgeons perform complicated procedures

Latest brain-based interventions for young people with psychiatric disorders

Overcoming treatment resistant cancers

New strategies to improve outcomes for lung disease

Modelling mitochondrial dysfunction in disease

Alcohol-related harm in young people

Impact of heatwave exposure on pregnancy outcomes

How does obstructive sleep apnoea affect your health?