Overcoming treatment resistant cancers

Professor Des Richardson

From bench-to-bedside: Novel anti-cancer agents that overcome the triad of death - metastasis, resistance and tumour growth

Professor Des Richardson from The University of Sydney was awarded a 2019 Raine Visiting Professor Award.

Raine Visiting Professor Award

The University of Sydney
Host: Dr Elin Gray, Edith Cowan University



Professor Des Richardson is a NHMRC Principal Research Fellow and Director of the Molecular Pharmacology and Pathology program at The University of Sydney. A multi-disciplinary researcher in drug development and translation, Professor Richardson is a pharmacist, biochemist and cell and molecular biologist. Over the course of his thirty-year career, he has endeavoured to dissect cancer mechanisms and develop anti-cancer drugs to overcome the three major killers in cancer: Metastasis, drug resistance and tumour growth. In fact, as a rare achievement in Australia, he accomplished bench-to-bedside translation of his innovative anti-cancer drug that has entered clinical trials for the treatment of advanced and resistant cancer.

Professor Richardson has published more than 400 articles, reviews, books and patents, made over 560 presentations, is a member of 43 Journal Editorial Boards, and has been awarded 293 competitive grants, including 68 NHMRC Grants/Fellowships. He has supervised more than 100 higher education students and is a triple prize-winning mentor, being recognised both locally (USYD Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Research Higher Degree Supervision) and internationally.

Professor Richardson was invited as a Raine Visiting Professor by Dr Elin Gray from the School of Medical and Health Sciences at Edith Cowan University (ECU), with the objective of establishing collaborative activities in understanding mechanisms of melanoma growth and overcoming drug resistance. During Professor Richardson’s visit, he conducted a lecture titled “From bench-to-bedside: Novel anti-cancer agents that overcome the triad of death – metastasis, resistance and tumour growth” as part of the Raine Visiting Professor Lecture series. In addition to this lecture, he delivered presentations to researchers and institutions across Perth (including at UWA, Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, and Curtin University), as well as a Master Class with early-career researchers to discuss careers in research, grant writing and potential collaborative opportunities.

As a result of discussions during his visit and collaboration, an Edith Cowan University PhD student secured a university grant to visit and work in Professor Richardson’s lab at the University of Sydney. Further collaborative projects are also in development, including co-supervision of PhD students and grants applications.


Pictured: Professor Mel Ziman, Professor Des Richardson and Associate Professor Elin Gray.